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Live, Love, and Hack Life: A Fresh Look at Understanding Law of Attraction is a book that brings fresh perspective to a really cool idea that it’s possible for people to attract or bring about situations in their lives based on how they think. It’s a concept that has fascinated me for years, so I decided to turn it into a writing project. It took four years, the death of my husband (followed by him coming back to life), the birth of our daughter, and a whole lot of healing for me to get it right. But now it’s here!!

Weaving together powerful narrative with practical how to exercises, the book explains what law of attraction is and how it works. It then provides a framework that will allow you to use law of attraction to your advantage by helping you:

  • Uncover the nature of your desires.
  • Understand who you are in relation to who you want to become.
  • Release trapped emotions to release limiting beliefs.
  • Shift how you define yourself.
  • Take action toward your dreams.

There’s something in it for everyone because law of attraction affects everyone. It is SO MUCH FUN. Join my launch team by entering your details below to help launch this book into the stratosphere. Thanks so much!! You will love it.

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